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If you have a home with a big lawn or a backyard and want to give that open space a new look, you might consider constructing a pool in that space. You can also cover the open space and have an indoor pool. But whether it is outdoor or indoor, […]

If you have a home with a big lawn or a backyard and want to give that open space a new look, you might consider constructing a pool in that space. You can also cover the open space and have an indoor pool. But whether it is outdoor or indoor, installing a pool fence is mandatory. In many countries, you can build a pool in your house or commercial space without putting a fence around it. There are many regulatory requirements that one has to keep in mind while constructing a pool fence. If you have a pool and children in your house, then frameless pool fence installation is a must. This is done to save children from falling into the pool.

Earlier pool fencing had a frame made of aluminium rods. Then these got replaced with semi-frame aluminium rails. Nowadays glass pool fencing is gaining a lot of popularity. Glass frameless pool fence is becoming famous because of its aesthetic appeal. High quality frameless glass balustrades are made of tempered glass that is made tough and resistant to damage by putting under 700-degree Celsius heat during production. It gives the tempered glass a lot of strength and it does not break even when dropped on concrete. Another good thing about frameless glass pool fence fittings is that they make space look bigger as you do not get the cage-like feeling and you can keep an eye on your children even from a distance. As it reflects light, it makes the area look airier and even the pool looks well-lit. One of the best qualities is that it is resistant to chlorine and does not get corroded unlike aluminium or other metal frames that need constant maintenance.

Advantages of frameless pool fencing:

There are quite a few reasons why frameless pool fencing is gaining so much popularity. Here is a peek at a few of the benefits of having a frameless pool fence that has not been mentioned:

Makes the surrounding look more spacious: With glass reflecting light, glass pool fencing reflects light in the surrounding region. This gives a feeling of more space and makes the surroundings airier.

Climbing is impossible: The primary reason for installing a pool fence is safety for children. Frameless glass pool fencing is the best for safety as children cannot climb it as they cannot find an easy foothold.

Supervise the kids: With glass being transparent, you can keep an eye on your children even from a distance, making supervising the kids much easier. You can now keep an eye on the children from the deck, lounge area, and even from your kitchen window.

Strength is important: Frameless glass fencing is very strong as it is made of tempered glass that is 12mm thick that can be customized to 18mm thickness. It has so much strength that it can be dropped on concrete without breaking. Bad weather conditions or rowdy children, you now don’t have to worry about the pool fencing getting damaged

Resistant to pool chemicals: Chlorine can be corrosive over time and can cause much harm to metal pool fencing. However, glass pool fencing is impervious to chlorinated chemicals, making it an ideal choice for pool owners.

Factors to keep in mind while installing a frameless pool fence:

Installing a pool fence is a one-time big investment. Hence you must pay utmost attention that nothing goes wrong. In order to ensure a seamless installation process, you must keep in mind these points:

  • High-quality glass: Make sure you choose the best quality tempered glass that is thick with the remotest chance of breakage. Although tempered glass breaking is a very rare sight, yet in case it breaks, high-quality frameless glass balustrades break into small cubes instead of sharp pieces. The common thickness of the glass is 6mm-12mm, but you can get it modified to 18mm.
  • A strong locking system: In most households pool fences are installed to protect the children in the house. But children nowadays are very smart and learn to unlock the fence door quite fast. Hence you must ensure that you install a good and complex locking system that the children cannot fathom. There are a variety of locks available ranging from normal to automatic ones. Going for the high-tech smart locks is the best with kids at home.
  • Removable frameless pool fence: if you have a pool at home, then entertaining friends and family with pool parties are a must. To help you with pool parties, pool fencing manufacturers have come up with a removable frameless pool fence. With removable pool fences, your pool parties are all sorted.
  • High-quality spigots: No matter how thick the glass is, choosing good quality hardware is very important. Spigots will impact the overall quality of the structure. If you do not have a budget constraint, then you can opt for premium quality spigots made with high-end tools. For those having a low budget, choosing casting spigots is a good idea.

Once you have sorted these points, installing a pool fence is one of the easiest tasks. But in order to complete the execution, you must ensure you do your research and choose the best quality dealer who has a good reputation in the market. Once the dealer is finalized, you know you will get skilled professionals to install the fence. After installing the frameless pool make sure you spend hours taking a dip in the pool and enjoying yourself with your friends and family by throwing a pool party.

Maintaining the pool fence:

If you are a proud owner of a frameless pool fence, you would also want it to stay stainless and beautiful. Hence cleaning is regularly very important. The best way to clean it is with regular liquid soap and some water. Use a sponge to apply the soapy water and then rub it with a rough scrubber. After rubbing, rinse off the soapy water with a garden hose. You may also wipe it dry if you want.

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